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This is what pays the bills. I am incredibly good at many things that have provided a fantastic lifestyle, and love teaching others how to do the same.

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DIY Home

Helplessly obsessed with learning how to fix things on my own, and intrigued by learning how things work.

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Work hard...play hard! My take on sports, music, movies, coffee, beer, wine and all other things that help me unwind.

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Why I work hard. My attempt to be a supportive husband and extremely present father, and my account of the journey along the way!

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Health & Wellness

My never-ending journey to treat my body well so that I can live to enjoy the blessings in my life...by way of proper diet, exercise and mindset towards health.

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Life Success

Achieving success in life is not an accident, and it is not mysterious. How faith, finances and positive mindset have all merged to build a life I always desired.

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