10 Reasons I’m Not Afraid To Be A New Dad


People are freaking HILARIOUS. This quote, in particular, is very appropriate for what I’m faced with recently:

Opinions are like @$$holes. Everyone has one and they all stink.

Let me explain.

My incredible wife Heather is due with our first child (daughter, Emery Grace) in approximately 12 days. We are out of our minds excited to welcome her into this world!

Yet, for some reason, just about everyone we see says the same tired line:


They will continue on to argue with me about how I’m really NOT ready after I say I am. It’s no wonder to me why this world is crazy when I realize how many people actually absorb the opinions of others.

For all those out there that feel the need to tell me I’m not REALLY ready, this list is for you.

10 Reasons I’m Not Afraid of Being a New Dad

  1. God is in control: Enough said. I’m sorry if this isn’t a source of strength for you, but this means everything to me. I suggest you try Him on for size.
  2. My mother-in-law lives with us: We have many years of built in experience having Heather’s mom living with us. She is amazingly awesome at taking care of the house and being an incredible mother. She is elated to be able to help with Emery as the #1 mor mor in the world! On top of it, she works at a school, so she won’t be working in the summer. BONUS!
  3. Heather will be full-time stay at home: No need to stress out over the work/life balance when you don’t work. We’re very thankful for the opportunity to have Heather fill the role as a full-time stay-at-home mom so that she can focus on raising our child instead of worrying about a job or daycare.
  4. Previous experience: I was a camp counselor for 4 years, and Heather has been a nanny for 6 (aside from babysitting as a teenager). 🙂 We are non-officially “Professional Childcare Technicians”.
  5. Support network: It’s absolutely amazing how much easier your entire life becomes when you have an army of amazingly accountable and supportive friends. We’ve gotten SOOO much stuff for free, gifts, and general support from our real-life friends, let alone the 3000+ Facebook friends we have between the two of us to lean on for ideas.
  6. Finances under control: Thanks to having a successful career and a successful marketing business, our finances have always been under control and only continue to get better as our business grows and I take on more and more amazingly exciting projects. Money isn’t the answer, but it can definitely be a stress-creator. We’re good to go here, and it’s only getting better.
  7. Been trying since 2009: We wouldn’t trade the experience for anything, but we’ve been through quite an ordeal trying to get pregnant since 2009 (we went through fertility treatment and Heather has now built a thriving support community for anyone who can relate and would like some support – contact me). Despite the “disappointing” path we’ve traveled, we’ve been mentally and emotionally prepared to have a kid for 4 years.
  8. Parenting is the best job in the world: Heather has wanted to be a mom since she was a little girl. I cannot wait to carve our daughter into a woman of strength and raise up the next generation of empowered, respectful, strong children. It’s our duty, and I’m excited to help Emery succeed in life at the highest level!
  9. Our personality types: Heather and I are just about the most laid back people you’ll ever meet. See #1 about leaving things in God’s control… but not much frazzles us. We realize that whatever happens, good or bad, it’s all for a reason and something can be learned from it in order to succeed in life. We’re so excited for all the adventures we’re about to embark on, and are not afraid of anything.
  10. Our attitude: As with anything in life, you can choose to WIN or LOSE. We have already chosen victory, and I have been made VERY aware of the fact that most people (parents) typically get over emotional and exaggerate just to draw attention to themselves. I don’t let people’s opinions bother me at all, so when someone gives me advice that I’m going to lose sleep, get frustrated, be confused… whatever… I just smile and nod, and realize that people like to portray their insecurities on others without even thinking about what they’re saying.

So, there you have it. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions, but we couldn’t possibly be more excited for Emery to join us!


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