4 Reasons Nobody Gives A Crap About The Chicago Bears

4 Reasons Nobody Gives A Crap About The Chicago Bears

As I usually do when I’m in the car (if not listening to podcasts), I was listening to sports talk radio on 670 The Score, and the hosts of this particular show were asking the question about the Chicago Bears…

Why don’t people care more that the Chicago Bears suck?

They were deliberating about the host of reasons as to why Soldier Field was just about half full on Christmas Eve, a team and stadium that historically had no trouble filling up to capacity (even with their $11 beers). They cited the fact that there’s no accountability in management…there’s nothing to look forward to on the field…there’s no plan for the future. I agree that all of those things are true, but I had a different thought.

People don’t care, at least currently, that the Chicago Bears suck because we’re an extremely spoiled sports city. We have multiple options for professional sports, and any of them are more fun than watching the Bears. Now, I will say that I actually enjoy watching the Bears these days (if I have nothing else to do)…for 2 reasons…

  1. It’s hilarious. Like watching a train wreck, it’s awful, but you just can’t look away. It’s comical to me how bad they are, and it’s exciting seeing all of the new names nobody has ever heard of diving all over the field trying to make sense of a pigskin. It’s a hot mess I just think is hilarious to watch, and unplug from life for a short while.
  2. I’m rooting them on……..to lose. The worst team in the NFL gets the 1st draft pick, so at this point, the Bears are actually positively incentivized to play more poorly and try to be the worst team in the league. Now, some will argue that the Bears can’t draft worth a shit, but that’s besides the point. There is no pride in being 5-11, 6-10, or 7-9…and missing the playoffs. I say…if you’re going to suck, then SUCK, and at least get yourself an opportunity to draft some talent for the future…even if the organization is doomed to draft poorly anyways. It’s really the only hope, except for reason #1.

So let’s go back to why I feel Chicago is a spoiled sports city…and maybe you can agree that this is the reason that you, and people in general, just don’t give a crap about the Bears right now.

  1. Chicago Cubs. Well, duh. World Series winners…re-built a franchise from the top down, starting with the ownership, down to the GM, onto the GMs staff, picking up a proven manager, and then built a new team through the farm system + smart trades + key free agent signings. Very likable personalities on the team, great chemistry, great story of 108 years…duh. I’m a White Sox fan and I loved watching what they’ve done…mostly because it so closely resembled…
  2. Chicago Blackhawks.  Again, duh…but less impactful because not nearly as many people love hockey as they do baseball. However, the Cubs did the same thing the Blackhawks did just a few years previous. Due to the owner of the organization, Bill Wirtz dying (sad, but he needed to get out of the Hawks organization), the whole enterprise was passed onto his son Rocky who changed everything. “Dollar” Bill Wirtz got that nickname because he was so cheap with everything, and he made stupid operational decisions like not playing the home games on TV because he thought that would encourage more people to buy tickets to go to the stadium. Well, the main problem with that (amongst a few) is that the 2000s Chicago Blackhawks are cited as being one of the worst teams in sports history, so, yeh. So in 2007, Rocky Wirtz took over, flipped a bunch of dumb policies, hired Coach Q, hired John McDonough from the Cubs as President, drafted Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, and the rest is history. Stanley Cups in 2010, 2013, 2015, and possibly 2017…they are certainly a shining example of how to build an organization.
  3. Chicago White Sox. Well, the White Sox currently suck. Several years of no playoffs for a couple of perennial All-Stars, and they’ve FINALLY done what most fans have called for by selling off the whole damn team and going through a complete rebuild. Trading away 2 of their top players for a whole slew of young prospects…so far this reeks of what the Cubs started to assemble back in 2011 when they picked up Anthony Rizzo. Hopefully, they will continue to sell off all of the solid pieces they have that don’t work well together, and rebuild a championship caliber team to rival what the Cubs have set up for themselves for years to come.
  4. Chicago Bulls. Well, the Chicago Bulls are just about the definition of “meh”…but it’s at least slightly entertaining to see what hometown hero Dwayne Wade is doing…and seeing Jimmy Butler emerge as a top-10 star in the NBA. They’ve got some good pieces, and at times are really fun to watch. At no point in time do they seem TERRIBLE, so they’re still certainly a viable sports option in Chicago.

Do you agree that nobody cares about the Bears because there are so many other options of professional sports in Chicago? I sure do.

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