A summary of the system

I’ve gotten the question several times…”what are you doing to lose the weight?”. To my surprise, I guess i’ve never really made a simple outline (it is a very simple process) of the Nutrilite Trim Body System…so here goes!

1. Carb-controlled, low-calorie diet: Much more fresh and healthy food/meals/snacks. I eat meals suggested by the Trim Body System…mostly made from normal stuff from the grocery store and not some sort of proprietary “Trim System” foods (with the exception of the Nutrilite meal bars and snack bars that i usually have for breakfast because i never have time to make eggs or sit down for cereal/oatmeal)

2. Different eating frequency to accelerate metabolism: MORE meals of smaller portions. I now eat 5 smaller meals/day instead of the usual 2 huge and crappy meals i’ve previously become accustomed to in my adult life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack in between each meal with an OPTIONAL low-calorie desert

3. Supplementation (click any to see more info, or order them):
a. Carb Blockers: blocks up to 500 carb calories/meal
b. Glucose Health: improves overall body metabolism
c. Slimmetry: accelerates weight loss and curbs appetite
d. Invisifiber: Gastrointestinal health…aids digestion

4. Cardio DVDs: cardio workout 2-4 times/week. I don’t have a gym membership nor a lot of time, so 20-30 minute DVDs that combine cardio/strength have been amazing. I’ve been using mostly Jillian Michaels (from the Biggest Loser) workouts…she does a great job combining cardio and strength…offers 3 levels of intensity. i just started level 2!

It’s obviously a slight monetary investment (still in line with all other diet fads out there), but we only ride this merry-go round of life once…I’m adult enough to realize it should be lived healthy and i no longer put a price tag on it. I’ve seen results with my friends, and now with myself. 22 pounds in less than 2 months is pretty incredible and I don’t even feel i’ve “stretched” myself or made any huge sacrifices.

As i’m talking to my friends about this program, the best part is there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on every product Nutrilite offers…if you feel like trying something and don’t like it, there’s no risk. However, I can all but guarantee you’ll get good results. If you’re reading this and have questions, feel free to email me at joeakalis@gmail.com – i can lend any assistance you need if you’re looking for an effective weight management system (or any single part of the system)!

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