It’s been a while!

Turns out I haven’t written in a while and I wanted to let everyone know i’m still making progress! Within 2 months of starting, I got down to 207 (22 pounds lost) and basically plateaued for a month through March so I kind of felt silly and down on myself.

Then I remembered something. Like…..”Hey, dummy, 20+ pounds in 3 months is amazing weight loss!” I guess I just got on such a good streak there and then when I hit a lull, I lost a little of my excitement.

Regardless, as of today (Wednesday, April 7) I weighed in at 201 and things are going well! 28 pounds total loss with another 22 to go to hit ~180 and my goal of 50 pounds weight loss! It’s very exciting to be on the second half of the mountain…my goal seems much more clear now. In just 5 more weeks, I’ll be in Myrtle Beach for a business conference and I’m shooting to get close to 185-190. If my averages hold true (about 2 pounds/week), i’ll be right there. Time to hit the work outs more consistently!!

Supplementation is still going to same and definitely helping the progress and at worst, helping maintain my weight when i’ve been bad with eating (it does happen!). Workouts could and will be more consistent moving forward.

Before and after measurements/pictures to come soon!

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