Let the madness begin!

Almost immediately, Heather and I went to work on our first project: the kitchen cabinets!

Once we got started working, Linda (Heather’s mom) found some disturbing news about our drains; they were pretty completely clogged with super nasty brown gunk…most likely a mixture of dirt, hair, rust, mucous, and all other kinds of nastiness:

We start plunging right away in an effort to remove all the gunk. We used a turkey baster to suck up the nasty water and dump it into a bucket until the drains were completely clear. Linda then started the drain cleaner/Drano process in an effort to clear it completely, should be interesting to see how it turns out, I hope we don’t need to get a plumber. 🙁

Back to the kitchen cabinets…for some ridiculous reason that we can only guess, the former owners put some sort of “glaze” or finish on top of the basic wood cabinetry. It looks pretty terrible; very pale and country looking, not to mention the light blue countertops.

Here’s some before pictures of the kitchen (click for full size):


And here are some pictures after we took off the cabinet doors (which already makes it look TONS better):

And the Before AND After comparison:

Our plan is to sand and refinish the cabinets and doors in a darker stain and replace the outdated hinges and knobs. After that, we plan to replace the countertops with a darker, marbley-looking laminate to accentuate our darker cabinets. As well, we’re going to be removing the stacked oven, moving the microwave where the stack oven is and put a new oven/range where the rangetop currently resides. This will give us plenty more counterspace and even out/update the look of the kitchen even more. More pics to come once we start sanding/staining and removing stuff!!

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