Major progress!

I come to you this evening with very weary hands. Today was an amazingly productive day at the Kalis House! 10am we had a friend come out to give us a quote for a new furnace…should have that in the next couple days. Once that’s installed and the cabinets are done in the kitchen, we’re probably gonna move in! It’s still up in the air whether or not we will be able to drop the furnace and hot water heater into the basement, but we changed our idea of how to arrange the rooms, so the room with the furnace isn’t the main living space anymore and don’t really bother us.

So as the guy was looking at the furnace, I got to work gutting the master bathroom and Heather and her mom started on the IKEA dual-sink vanity. In a three-hour period, we successfully managed to remove the old vanity:

temporarily remove the toilet, scrape off all the old vinyl tiles in the bathroom (that adhesive is STICKY! My hands are VERY angry with me!):

and 85% complete the bathroom vanity:

Despite all the amazing progress, we did have some bad news.

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