Morning workouts are sweet!

I’ve been telling myself that I should wake up early in the morning before work and do a quick cardio workout and read the Bible daily to get my day started off right. In the past, I’ve found that working out early in the morning just made me more tired than anything, so I suppose because i’m actually eating better and living a healthy lifestyle, I now found it amazing. Granted, it was only once and it’s only 12:45pm right now, but this morning I felt rejuvenated like I haven’t felt in a long time. It was like my body was actually AWAKE when I got to work instead of arguing with me about why I was moving.

Weighing in at 211 today didn’t hurt, either! it’s my 7th week and i’m down 18 pounds. Pretty good results and at this rate, i’m bound to lose my 50 total in 4.5 months. However, it’s time to step up my workouts to 3-4 times/week FOR REAL! Doing that in the morning is awesome because it doesn’t interupt my busy schedule during the day and in the evenings and if I feel this good every day, i’m going to get addicted.

Here goes nothin!

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