My wedding suit

Heather was asked to take pictures of her wedding dress by a friend, so when she put it on, I felt urged to put on my wedding suit! For 3 seconds, I got anxious because the last time I put it on was a few months ago because it didn’t exactly fit like it did when I got married (i.e. I couldn’t button it without sucking and fearing my buttons would shoot across the room). Then I realized the confidence I had in my renewed body. I grabbed the suit and Heather said “but it doesn’t fit you!” I said back, “I’m confident this will fit me now!”. Wouldn’t you know it, it fit almost better than it did on my wedding day!

I haven’t taken my measurements since the day I started (January 3rd). I am excited to measure and weigh in this Sunday!! I also feel the Intestiflora and Invisifiber working its magic on my body…it sounds like a thunderstorm in my stomach and then I go to the bathroom….I’ll save you the details. I’m glad my body is getting flushed out!! If you’re looking to clear out all the cheeseburgers, cake, nachos, etc that you’ve ever ate, I suggest you click the links for Intestiflora and Invisifiber and read up on those.

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