New oven!!

Thanks to Abt, we got a new oven! In the previous post, you noticed that we cleared the way for it by ripping out the wall oven and range top that formerly existed. We’re going to sell the wall oven since it’s practically brand new, we just wanted a normal one so we can get some more counterspace.

Also, we got our new water heater installed! The guy who did that also eliminated the extra gas pipes from the old oven and connected our new oven. Extra $100 for me not to have to deal with potentially fatal gas issues…great deal!

We got a quote from the furnace guy and have decided to go with the cheaper of the two high efficiency options. It is scheduled to be installed 3/21, and that will bring us a lot closer to being able to move in! Things are really falling into line!

Tonight, we went to town on the hideous white ceramic backsplash and continued to treat our cabinets…they’re just about ready for staining! Key to removing ceramic backsplash tiles with tons of super dry grout?? THE RIGHT TOOL!


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