Orphaned furniture

Tonight we took ownership of two brand new (to us) pre-owned couches! Some friends from church are excited to be getting new furniture for themselves and offered their old couches to us! We will be buying new furniture for the family room, but needed a sofa for the living room and got an extra sectional for kicks! It’ll fit perfectly in the basement for my pseudo man cave in the unfinished basement. I imagine it’ll be a cool video game spot or something…we’ll see!

So, with some wonderful Filipino ingenuity and a whole bunch of straps and buckles, this happened:

The house is actually starting to fill out a bit, how exciting! More pictures to come soon once the furniture is actually set up!

Tomorrow I get to call some furnace guys to give me quotes for a new furnace! In the process, we’re going to have them drop them from the first floor down into the basement which is a pretty awesome opportunity; it’ll free up some closet space upstairs and it’ll be a lot quieter with the furnace and hot water heater in the basement. Booya!

Huge sale going on at Menard’s…it’s gonna get crazy soon!

(as soon as we actually find time to do something there!)

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