Our first visitors!

Today Tom and Kori (Heather’s brother/sister-in-law) came over to check out the new digs and lend a helping hand! While Heather and I were in Lakemoor helping someone in our business, Heather’s parents were busy moving some of our boxes over to the new place, how helpful! They ended up taking 4 car loads of stuff and we’re now actually got some furniture at the house! While everyone was sitting around chatting, I ran around the house and removed EVERY light-switch and power outlet cover in the place…they are SOOOO ugly! I’ll post pictures soon, they need to be seen to be believed. Wow, awful.

Tom & Kori stayed for dinner; Pizza Hut hand tossed pizza, mmmm! That was officially our first meal at our new house! When I was buying the new doorbell yesterday, I realized that the reason our doorbell wasn’t working was most likely because the batteries had died! I quickly checked to see if it was indeed battery powered, and I was correct! A quick change of 4xAA batteries and we were right back in business…I can go return the new doorbell now, although i’ll definitely miss the opportunity to play “Happy Birthday” everytime someone rings the doorbell; our existing one only has the doorbell sound, no fun songs. 🙁 Some good news, though!! Linda checked on the drains and determined that the Drano/plunging efforts paid off…no more gunk! The drains SEEM to be clear, we’ll find out how true that is once we move in!

After dinner I had to run to Sula’s house to help some new people in business, but I promptly returned around 10pm, grabbed Heather and went back to the house to start stripping our cabinets. In my mind, it was a lot easier. It’s going to be a process, but after working on about 3 doors, I’ve got some ideas for how to make the process a lot easier. While I was working on the doors, Heather had successfully determined that one of our neighbors was offering free wi-fi! How nice of them! She was plotting out more ways to spend money and eventually we went home for the night. We’re going to move all the cabinet doors into the basement for further work; it’s a lot warmer down there than in the garage and we can air it out just as well so the smell of varnish remover doesn’t take over the house.

So, 3 days in and we’ve cleared the drains, removed all the cabinet doors and hardware from the doors, got the doorbell working, got a garage door opener programmed, bought a new front door (to be replaced in the spring), decided on the flooring & vanity we want for the master bedroom, had our first visitors/dinner & removed all the outlet/switch covers.

Up next: continue stripping/sanding the cabinet doors in preparation of re-finishing, choose the blue paint we want in the bathroom and paint the walls, purchase bathroom vanity/flooring and install, choose a new oven to replace the rangetop and pick out new countertops for the kitchen.

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