So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur, Huh?

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by the (rather unexpected) positive response received with one of my last posts about an update on my online marketing business. I had about eight people reach out privately to congratulate me, and let me know they were inspired in one way or another. Some looking for help for how to do the same thing. To be honest, this wasn’t my intention, at all…I simply knew I had to capture my thoughts in writing NOW so I can compare them to how I’m feeling when the windfall of financial success follows in the next 2-3 months. The fact that I inspired a handful of people so much as to reach out to me to ask me what I thought they could do…well that’s just humbling.

All that said, I’ve been brought to a place I wasn’t ready for, and that’s figuring out how to give advise to these people for how they might be able to see some of the same success, or at the very least, pursue/create a business that actually brings them joy and allows them to be passionate about something again, even if it’s not something that makes them wealthy.

I’m really comfortable with telling my story, but haven’t quite come up with a formula for how to help others follow behind, and that’s something I need to work on. So, I’ve been thinking…what is it that sets me apart from anyone else who isn’t filled with joy, passion and success (financial or otherwise)?

Desire. Ambition. Fearlessness. Not caring what other people think. Willingness to fail…a bunch. Ability to try again after failing. Patience. Voracious appetite to learn. 

I think back to my college days when I hosted concerts 3-4 times per month for a few years. I can still remember people joining my organization, or otherwise contacting me to ask a very similar question to the one I’ve gotten recently…”How did you learn how to book concerts??”. That question always made me laugh, because of how stupid the answer is, and I’d always have to figure out some nice way of explaining it to the people asking. How did I learn how to book concerts?? Well, I found someone who knew how to do it, and I started asking a ton of questions. Since I didn’t know anything about how to do it, every question I asked would get me an answer that I could stack on the pile of knowledge I had acquired previously, and eventually, I got good at booking concerts.

Isn’t that how we learn ANYTHING?

What do you think makes starting a business any different? It’s not…and the only thing that differentiates the doers from the wanters is being willing to learn (most people say they don’t have enough time), being willing to fail and being willing to persist. Patience. Knowledge. Blah blah blah…it’s not hard, you just need the proper perspective.

So where do I suggest people start if they want to get out of the daily rut of whatever “career” they find themselves in and pursue their passion?

LEARN. Lots of learning. Early in the morning. Late at night. On the toilet. In the car. Anywhere you can fit it without compromising your family time (or whatever is most important to you). There is such a plethora of free knowledge available for those who seek it, either through books, podcasts (if you don’t know what podcasts are, you need to), blogs, audio books, webinars, seminars, networking, etc. There is so much free information that can lead to such profitable ventures that I’m actually slightly upset I wasted 5 years (1 victory lap) of my life at a college I didn’t actually care to be at (aside from having a good time and finding my wife). Not knocking college (not right now, at least), but if I took those 5 years and all that money and invested it in a business mentor, i’d be so much further ahead today. Alas, I didn’t and I’m here. So are you…and you can start a new life today, if you want.

If you want to be a business owner (part-time or full-time), you need to learn to think like a business owner. There are some fundamental truths we’re taught about “success” in life that need to be adjusted in a big way, and you can only make that adjustment by listening to and learning from people who think differently…like business owners. Employees and entrepreneurs are different in almost every way.

Where to begin? Well, I prefer podcasts because you can listen to them anywhere, and you can ingest the knowledge faster than reading (although you should also be reading a good non-fiction book at all times). I can suggest a few podcasts, books and blog sites that will blow your mind and quickly change your mindset, but I can’t make you pursue this knowledge. If you were to be one of the people who said “how can I get out of this rut?!” and aren’t willing to voraciously pursue the following suggestions, you deserve to be where you’re at in life. For things to change, you need to change. So without further ado…


  1. Smart Passive Income. Hosted by Pat Flynn, this podcast (along with the next one) literally changed my life. He interviews all kinds of different business owners, and gives some solid teaching on how to start an online business and other tips to create passive income.
  2. This Is Your Life. Hosted by Michael Hyatt, this podcast (along with the first one) literally changed my life. Ha, repetitive, but I want to make sure you know I’m not joking. Michael speaks mostly about personal development, attitude, and how to be more efficient in your life.
  3. Entrepreneur On Fire. Hosted by John Lee Dumas, this is a daily podcast where John Lee will interview a different business owner every single day. To be totally honest, he annoys the piss out of me, lol! I listen to a TON of podcasts, and he is extremely cheesy compared to others, but the guy is an absolute machine, and incredibly wealthy (he posts his profits every month, it’ll make you throw up), so I have to respect him. As for you, it is incredibly important to hear different perspectives from different entrepreneurs in different industries doing different things.

I could list a LOT more, but to expect you to listen to just one of these is asking a lot by itself, and most of you just won’t do it. However, if you do dive into these, make it a daily habit. Even if the topic doesn’t necessarily interest you, listen to as many as you can, because you’re looking to pick up the mindset of an entrepreneur, and the success that every single different business owner brings to the table will help you in a different way. After listening to podcasts daily for a while, you’ll find yourself thinking differently, you’ll be inspired and more excited than ever before, but it’ll take time to figure out how you want to channel that excitement and inspiration into a business of your own. Keep listening, and keep asking questions (email me anytime you want), and you’ll eventually know what to do to get started with something.


  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad. So cliche, but this is the most basic explanation of being an entrepreneur I can possibly suggest. Even if you’re not interested in real estate, the concepts in this book teach you to think completely different, and it’s an absolute staple in the life of an entrepreneur.
  2. Start With Why.
  3. Platform.

Just start there. There are SO MANY other books I could recommend, but these are some of the best “business mindset” books I can think of to get people started in the right direction.

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