Still kickin! Down 13 pounds!

Well, I’ve fallen off the wagon with my blog updates, but the Trim Body System diet has continued! Heather and I have been pretty busy lately; made a trip out to Baltimore to visit some business friends and attend a conference over the weekend. I have good news and bad news, the bad news first.

Bad News: I ate Papa Johns pizza this weekend! With a limited selection of food available at our hotel and the inability to pack anything on the plane ride there, pickins were slim for food.

Good News: Apparently, my metabolism is kickin’ serious butt because I came home on Sunday and weighed in at 216!

I’m continuing to lose weight SOLELY on the low-calorie diet and supplements because I surely haven’t been working out as much as I’d like and I’ve strayed from the plan a few times.

YAY METABOLISM…I’ve missed you, it’s been about 15 years since we saw each other last!

Anyways, i’m determined to get on a more regular work out schedule (didn’t I say that last time??), but I’m not unhappy with the results thus far.

4 weeks in, 13 pounds lighter and visibly skinnier in my face, thighs & slightly different in the chest area. Funny enough, 13 pounds in 1 month = 60 pounds in 5 months, exactly what my buddy Steve Schreiner was able to accomplish. I’m on board for that plan!! Keep rootin for me, it’s happenin! Thanks for the support and to anyone who actually reads this; your words of encouragement mean the world to me!

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