Time to break stuff!

Sunday, what a great day! After an awesome church service, we headed straight over to Ashley Furniture to pick out our couches!


We ended up choosing chocolate brown couches & blue walls. It’s gonna look awesome with our beige carpet and the rug we chose. We got a whole family room set for $999…two love seats, two end tables, a coffee table, a rug, 2 lamps, a throw & an accessory set of vases/kleenex box holder/etc. We also had a $100 off coupon from Heather’s mom so we picked up a nice dark walnut TV stand that will go nicely! Only bad part is it’s not being delivered until April 8th, puke!

After Ashley Furniture, we headed back home for some lunch and then my brother Dan and his wife Jessica came over to take a look at the place. Heather’s parents were also there, and together, we all helped take apart more stuff in the kitchen. We disconnected the stack-oven and removed it and the range top.


At that point came the funnest part of this whole adventure, hands down:

We also removed the microwave. What seems like a really simple task was an absolute nightmare. Good news is, nobody was hurt & nothing got broke, but man was it difficult!


Yes, that last picture is my laying upside down on the counter with my head under the microwave, what a disaster! So anyways, Heather had a GENIUS idea. We’re going to be extending the counter where the stack oven used to be, but ALSO going to mount a mini-fridge under the counter where the oven used to be. We’re going to get a clear door for it and it will be our XS fridge!!! Booya! Before and after pictures sure to come. So far, it went from this:

–> TO THIS –>

Oven is gone, mini-fridge is going in! (new regular oven will go to the left where the range top currently is). It’s gonna be sweet. We left to have Indian food for dinner and then returned later to remove the countertops and strip/sand more cabinets. Here’s what the kitchen looks like now, without counters, doors an oven or range top:

Next up: get quote from furnace guy, get estimate for new water heater/have it installed, order new counter tops/kitchen sink (comes with it free!), paint the master bathroom, buy/install bathroom vinyl flooring, & install IKEA vanity in master bath. THEN….I think we can move in. 🙂

Anddd….some additional entertainment for you:

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