Time to spend some $$!

At long last, after much pondering of what we should buy to start out our updates, I got to go to the store and spend some money! Woohoo!

Off to Menard’s I had a list of a few things: new front door (on sale for $99!), garage door opener button (none came with the house), sandpaper, new doorbell, air fresheners & varnish stripper.

Found a garage door opener button that programs two doors, which was perfect since we have two different garage doors & openers. This time around I brought the cabinet doors with me to show the paint guy and he suggested some varnish stripper to use. I never knew how much went into deciding on a doorbell! Wireless vs. wired, wall-powered vs. battery powered, color, range, how many chimes, how many buttons….oh my! I chose a battery-powered wireless system with 13 different songs. 🙂 SWEET!

$282 later, we’re getting started (with $100 rebate coming back from the door)!

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