We did it.

Well, it’s official. Heather and I have in possession keys to our first home! Since people know we’ve been looking and had a closing date schedule, we’ve been getting the question a lot, “DID YOU BUY A HOUSE?!?!”. I know it’s rude to correct people, but I will say very matter of factly, “Well, sort of. We bought a mortgage, People’s Home Equity bought our house.” 🙂 Needless to say, we’re very excited to have gained keys to a house that we can now call our own. I’ll let you see for yourself how excited we are with this picture, which was not at all staged (right)…

After about a month of shuffling, signing, negotiating, yelling, whining, crying, laughing, celebrating, we set our closing date for Thursday, 2/24/2011. We drove to the title company with all the excitement & optimism in the world, knowing that all the fine details had been worked out and we would be in and out and on our way to our new home, skipping and holding hands. Unfortunately, after the customary 1 hour of paper signing came 3 hours of staring at each other and trying to make a joke of the situation and all the “financial modifications” that had to be made last minute. Long story short, after 4hours in the closing room, we were given a key and on our way to our new place!

AGAIN, with all the excitement in the world, we drove to our new house with key in hand…run up to the door…insert key into lock…and……….doesn’t work. “GRAB THE DOORKNOB TIGHTLY AND TRY!” ::jingle jingle:: Nothing. Call Mario (realtor).

“Hey Mario, identify this sound: ::key jingling in the lock, not opening the door::”
“Well, that sounds like a door that won’t open! Let me call the seller.”

Turns out that somewhere in between our 10am walk through and 4pm when we made it back to the house, the seller had come and changed our locks and put the new keys in the mailbox. One quick phone call from our realtor alleviated the issue, but, wouldn’t you think that’s some IMPORTANT information the seller should have relayed to us? Anyways, we’re REALLY glad we never have to work with that seller nor Fannie Mae EVER AGAIN.

Somewhat exasperated at the anti-climactic nature of our first attempt to enter our house, we walked in and breathed deep, knowing the REAL journey had just begun. 🙂

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